I don’t believe there are real aliens in the climbing universe.

Yes, we have our communities, local differences; there are always insiders and outsiders. However, even though we all come from diverse traditions and practice a large variety of climbing disciplines (alpine, sport, bouldering, ice, trad etc.), we speak a common language –  the passion to climb, to challenge ourselves.

We crack hard problems, overcome our fears and confront the harsh nature. I cannot think of another sport that requires  people to support each other as much as in climbing. It’s enough to walk into  a random gym at night, swarming with maniacs from different levels  and you will experience the definition of sportsmanship. People show their emotions a lot, they advise, encourage and motivate each other. In this sense, we are all part of a big global family, aren’t we?

Still, we need to put ourselves in some category. When I go outside of my community and enter another looking to expand my perspectives, I become an alien of some sort. An alien who contributes some new experiences and attains to  a lot of valuable knowledge.

All of it is amazing, isn’t it?