A golden boy|Petar Ivanov

Photo courtesy of Yanne Golev

Some time ago, we were watching the finals of a bouldering competition in Sofia when Petar Ivanov, the youngest among the finalists, started to flash all the boulders, making his leadership more than obvious. By that time I was already working on my “field control” concept, so I said to one of the route setters:

"Pepi controls the field today, don`t you think?"

"He doesn't control it, he is the field!" the guy answered laughing.

It was true, the dominance of this young man was undisputed.

Nine years after the nursery teacher called his parents, demanding they take care of the young tree hanging monkey`s needs, Petar Ivanov steps into the world of climbing. Today he is fifteen, a multiple European gold winner and overall champion from European Youth Bouldering Cup 2016.

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